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Wireless Printing is now available through OCS!


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PC Print Release Station

The most common system found in public libraries (with some college sites as well) uses a PC print release station with a coin/bill system. Our newest systems also accept credit cards. Public sites use a PC release because 1 it work with any printer or copier/printer, the large screen PC makes it easy to read, and it servers all users – no accounts or membership required. Our PC release stations list jobs from site own computers and user owned laptops/PDAs/Tables.


OCS PC-Less Release Station

OCS offers the most options for print vending. The Touch Screen Coin op – offered exclusively by OCS – has a touch screen – that lists user’s print jobs. There is no need for a PC. The system when mounted on the coin op allows you to use our system with any brand printer or copier.. and should the printer or copier need to be replaced – the ‘vend system’ stays intact. This gives the user a common vend interface – even when you have different printer or printer types at your site. The system also saves space – as a PC, next to the printer or copier printer, is NOT required.


OCS Lexmark Printer System

OCS has embedded software in the line of Lexmark with the ‘e-task’ capability. This removes the PC from the public area.. as jobs list on the printer’s screen itself..and the vend device (coin/bill, vend card, credit card, library or campus card) plugs directly into the printer service panel USB port.


On Account - Library Card

OCS On Account tracks copy/print/scan/fax use for a variety of application and environments. For ‘Pay for Print/Copy‘ services in schools and libraries, and for accounting and billing with internal users or departments. OCS authenticates users in existing databases (LDAP/AD, Heartland Integrated Campus Solutions, Library card systems, SIP2, Patron API, and other types of backend database systems) and also allows users/visitors to create accounts as needed – over the web or at a payment terminal.


All-in-One: Copy, Print, Scan, Fax

Ideal for public environments from libraries and schools to hotels and even retail sites the OCS Lexmark embedded solution allows users in a self-service environment Copy/Print/print from USB/Scan/Fax – and pay with Cash or Credit card. The system can be integrated with the OCS wireless solution so users can email their print job – receive a job code – go to the Lexmark print – enter code – pay and print.


Wireless Printing

OCSWebPrint allows users with Laptops, PDAs (phones), and tablets to send print jobs to a device and then pay for print jobs when they release them. Users can pay with Cash or Credit cards. The system can also be used in OCS ON-Account settings where users can pay with their OCS on line account.


Computer User Booking System - CUBS

The Cubs system is designed for libraries and computer labs that want to control and limit time of use on their public access computers. Library Patrons, using their library card or on time use number, can log into a computer directly, or go the cubs station – where they can select the next available computer or pick a computer and time for use. OCS even has a module for reserving the computer via the web. From the administrator module, staff have control over the computers to extend time, send messages, close out sessions and more.