OCS Inc.

Our systems help to reduce and recover the costs associated with printing and copying in public environments.

OCS solutions are found in Libraries, Colleges, Offices, and Retail sites preview

About OCS Inc.

What we do:

Print/Copy Vending Systems

Print/Copy Cost Recovery Systems

Computer Reservations and Computer Session Control

OCS helps you to control costs and generate revenue from your Print & Copy systems.

OCS Software

OCS offers a variety of systems that help sites recover and reduce costs for printing & copying in public environments; libraries, colleges, county offices, retail sites, as well as for offices, schools and anywhere print/copy output need to be tracked and/or billed.

OCS “CUBS”, Computer User Booking System, is designed to control and allocate computer use in a public environment. CUBS is ideal for the public library environment.

New Products:

business solutions
Wireless Printing - Login and Print from Anywhere.

Wireless Printing

Wireless printing: A new feature of OCS allows users to print from their laptops, PDAs, and tablets via file upload or email. OCS WEB/EMAIL Print does not require the user to install any software on their own device and the user can print from any network to your site. 


All in One OCS/Lexmark System: Copy - Print - Scan - Fax

One system designed for self service use and self service vending with Credit Card, Cash or in house user account.  OCS has created an embedded (in Lexmark) software application – that allows the vend device to integrate directly in to the operating software of the Lexmark.  Cash value deposited in the Coin mechanism – displays directly on the screen of the Lexmark. 

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"Software Support is WONDERFUL. Problems (and they are few) are fixed within hours, not days!"

- Roxbury Public Library